Samstag, 12. April 2008

Unlimited Love

Unlimited love

I can't explain , how much I care
how much I love her , oh father dare

I've become lovesick , by thinking of her
what kind of disease is it , that I can't cure?

I've asked for help , to save me from
this strange disease , and the nothing I’ve become

I've tried anything , to get rid of this illness
But all my efforts , they ended with sadness

My tears have gone , cold through her absence
All this commotions , they don't make sense

My desire to her , has taught me feel passions
Cause her tainted love shows , she's got no emotions

I know she won't , be able to care for
So what do I gain , by loving her more?

My friends advised me , that I should find another
That this one I admire , will condemn me, father

She vamped me with , her phoney words
I never thought that , it would so much hurt

I had so many goals , I wanted to attain
But all that I gained , was nothing but pain

Father I ask you , that's my third question
It is important to me , so show some attention

Why did you have , to choose me for her?
Once you knew that , she'll ignore me for sure

I thought you love , all beings the same
What did I wrong , to feel so much blame?

Even Romeo had , someone who loved him
Although he had , to die with no sin

I was ready to die , pay any fine
All she had to do was , to give me a sign

If I could travel to past , I would whip off my eyes
So I hadn't seen her that day , that's everyone's advice

It's better to be blind , than to be vacant
My life doesn't make sense , now that I'm attainted

So I'll take my life , to end up this chapter
This is my Experience , all that I've captured

- Sam Masghati

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