Sonntag, 13. April 2008

The Advice - By Sam Masghati


The real reason I live , the real reason I breathe
That’s to be with you , cause that's my relief

When you're in my presence , I've been given the world
The hurts I felt to reach you , they all shall be worth

I left all the world behind , just to be with you
to be your lover , say you love me too

Show me your love , like I've shown you mine
let us be lovers , and give me a sign

Say that you love me , continue my song
they said it can't be , so show that they're wrong

I've read from the stars , although it's not true
that you don't love me , so say that you do

But as the pendulum swings , and the time passes by
I realize that , it were the stars that were right

I thought you love me , I thought that you care
Now I found out , what they meant by ((Be aware))

They tried to convince me , that love can hurt
and its pain is awful , like that of your heart gets burnt

They told me these facts , but I just looked at their appearance
what a fool I was , not to use their Experience

Experience is one thing , you can't get for nothing (Oscar Wilde)
it is a hard teacher , so you'd better do something

So listen to them , to have a better tomorrow
to live an organized life , without any sorrow

Cause sorrow makes , our life past endurance
and to avoid this sorrow , you've to use others Experience

Take my words as you want , and I will bet
that if you obey them , you won't regret

- Sam Masghati -

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