Montag, 9. Juni 2008

Was macht ein Masghati, wenn Ihm langweilig wird?
Es beginnt immer mit einem Tagtraum (jaaa, wir sind extrem verträumt), nach mindestens 30 min wachen wir auf :D, essen was, meckern herum, trinken einen Espresso, und sind dann für 30 min artistisch (jedes mal was anderes)... Ein Beispiel wäre meine Schwester gestern, als sie nach einem 45 min. Tagtraum und 2 unnötigen Diskussionen folgende Gedichte geschrieben hat:

To possess you, to swallow you, bite you, suck you,
All is mine
We will have eyes for each other only, the very thought of you will be more enchanting than the melody of thousand birds,
we will send each other sweet messages, then, the first kiss, the first night together, thinking this
will be special, so many things will change.
I think I love you
Hoping to get my life together, you being the answer to my questions,
Eventually, you will be all I can think of, the only one I want to be with,
my friends miss me, my mother never sees me,
but I want you only.
I don’t promise to be easy, I know me.
I love you
The air becomes thinner, there is less space, the freedom of the beginning feels like prison now,
I will slowly become a victim of my feelings, both hating and loving you for being in my life, love suddenly appears like a chain, tying up my chest.
The ambiguity of it all will make its appearance at our first fight, the others follow reliably.
Starting to doubt you, doubting me, questioning all meaning,
I love you. I hate you
Intoxicating jealousy , thriving for your attention, seeking for your words to calm me down, saying that you love me – though it will never be enough
Constant fear of being left, being forgotten, being ignored. Look at me, desire me, tell me you want me.
I want you to be happy, I want you to be happy with me, I want you to be happy with me only. And just like that, the happiness will disappear.
I hate you

Believe in me- I will leave him, stay with me.
Who are you, distant being, never felt that excitement before.
Seeing your haunting eyes for the first time, I felt more than ever before.
I am more woman with you than I ever was with him.
Your skin is softer than his, your smile more promising, your hands more invading, your smell less intrusive, your tongue sweeter than honey,
I kiss your voluptous lips, I want to bite the thin layer that separates me from the blood underneath.
Your breasts fill my hands, discovering your body is like discovering mine,
Believe in me- I will leave him, stay with me.
I fear love. Will you understand?
You have ensorcelled me.
Hope was lost and refound with you. The dark unknown tunnel I need to enter
to be with you is waiting.
Are you the answer or the escape?
Believe in me - I will leave him,
And tell him, that who I want to be with is another girl

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